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Capable of being brought along 12-mile runs and 30-minute walks.

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weight capacity of 70 lbs

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5 year limited warranty

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quality construction

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hand break and foot activated parking break

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large wheels for a smooth ride on all types of surfaces

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light and maneuverable

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shock absorber suspension (3 inches of wheel travel)

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only comes in 2 colours

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looks cheaper than competing products

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The BOB Utility D'Lux is a high-quality and lightweight 3-wheel baby stroller that lets parent go on a run or walk without having to hire a babysitter. Capable of being brought along 12-mile runs and 30-minute walks, the BOB Sport Utility D'Lux features high-quality 16” x 2” slick tires that minimize rolling resistance, a suspension system with stiff shocks that maximize maneuverability, and a tough & welded high-strength aluminum alloy frame with durable fabric and quality construction. Essentially, the Utility D'Lux is a narrower and more sleek version of the BOB Ironman. Like its peer, the D’Lux includes a simple/two-step folding design so that a parent can easily pack the unit into a vehicle for a long trip. Plus, the Utility D'Lux features an ultra-padded seat that reclines up to 70 degrees, interior seat pockets, a Low Bay Cargo Basket, and a 5-point padded safety harness with a sternum strap, parking/slowing brake, and a safety wrist strap. The BOB Sport Utility D'Lux retails for $349.99 and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

  • 3-Wheel Stroller
  • 16” x 2.0” Tires
  • Suspension System w/Stiff Shocks
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Ultra-Padded Seat
  • 70 Degree Reclining
  • Sun Canopy
  • Front Wheel Bender
  • Interior Seat Pockets
  • Low Bay Cargo Basket
  • 5-Point Safety Harness
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
Available Colors
  • Pacific Blue (STO711) – MSRP $349.00
  • Red (STO712) – MSRP $349.00
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