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The BlackRapid RS-7 is a mid-cost camera strap.

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holds your camera securely at your side, in a good position to be pulled up

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very comfortable and ergonomic - puts the weight on your shoulder rather than your neck

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two strap bumpers, ensure the pad remains on your shoulders when your camera is returned to resting position

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includes small pocket for memory cards or other small and/or thin items

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looks extremely badass / professional

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feels natural to use

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includes carbiner for removing / switching out your camera without unmounting it

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durable construction

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high price point / overpriced

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is poor for those who like to switch between shooting handheld and on a tripod (uses the tripod mount)

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The BlackRapid RS-7 is a mid-cost camera strap. This strap is specially designed to work with BlackRapid’s MODS system, so that you can add components to customize the fit and feel. The various attachment points of the strap allow you to make these adjustments. In order to ensure durability no matter what configuration you are using, the RS-7 is comprised of ballistic nylon. This thick material also contributes to a comfortable feel, which is a focus of this strap's design. The BlackRapid RS-7 is shaped to fit perfectly around your shoulder, and the weight of your camera is evenly distributed so that no one part of your upper body is strained.

  • Color: Black
  • Ergonomic design
  • ConnectR-2
  • FastenR-3
  • Designed to work w/ BlackRapid MODS system
  • Ballistic nylon
  • Durable design
  • Uniform weight distribution
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Novita Sari
07/28/2013 02:59

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04/04/2011 12:33

Ordered this on Amazon yesterday - now I just need some big expensive glass to go with it :)

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