Innovative Clamping Jaws Grab and Cut in One Easy Motion

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Innovative Clamping Jaws Grab and Cut in One Easy Motion • 4.5 Amp Motor for Powerful Fast Cutting • Heavy Duty Cutting Bar and Chain Deliver Fast Cutting of Thick Branches and Logs • 4" cut capacity for cutting heavy branches too big for manual pruners and loppers

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09/07/2008 05:51

If you are a potential customer for the Alligator and want to know how reliable it is.. I got this 2 years ago from , for my thickly wooded property and this things great. I've found it to be very useful around the yard and it certainly feels safer to use than a regular chainsaw. Yes, it's fabulous compared to a normal chainsaw. Much safer and works on fat branches and small trees. Probably up to the size of your leg although you could make multiple cuts for a much bigger tree. Not for full sized trees. Good for small branches too that would normally just get pushed by a chain saw. I say that this a chainsaw with a stabilising jaw, ideal for smaller branches up to 4in (10cm) thick!

If you live in hurricane country on the Gulf Coast and after every storm the chainsaws would come out to clear away the downed trees and branches, it's safe, a time saver and continues in the fine name of Black and Decker.

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