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The cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter keeping suction power strong.

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The Black+Decker BDH200PL 20V MAX Lithium Pivot Vac features lithium technology for strong suction and fade free power. An exclusive pivoting nozzle means huge power in a compact size - lets you keep cleaning power close at hand, ready when you need it. Its high performance motor provides superior suction capability when compared to other Black+Decker cordless hand vacs. The cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter keeping suction power strong. This vac also offers a 3-stage filtration system with a pleated filter design offers superior filtration for clean air exhaust. The wide mouth design scoops up large debris and simply flip up the brush to clean upholstery or extend the crevice to access tight spaces. The translucent, bag less dirt bowl has 42 percent more capacity than the original Pivot Vac and offers a side door function for emptying dirt. For a more thorough clean, simply remove the entire bowl from the unit and wash it in your sink. Filter flicker loosens embedded debris from filter to improve suction power. A convenient charging base allows for wall and table charging locations. This unit includes: Vacuum, Washable filter (model PVF110), Pre-filter, On-board Brush, On-board Crevice Tool and Charging Base.

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  • Powered by a 20-volt lithium ion battery
  • Foldable nozzle allows you to clean areas above your head
  • Has 35 air watts which is stronger than a Dyson DC44/DC59 that produces 28 air watts in normal mode
  • 3 stage filtration system
  • Washable filter – saves on operation costs
  • Removable dirt chamber is washable
  • Uses cyclonic action that keeps loose dirt away from the filter openings so that suction power is maintained even as the dirt cup is being filled up
  • Translucent dirt cup allows you to see how much dirt has been collected
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What's Included

  • Vacuum
  • Washable filter (model PVF110)
  • Pre-filter
  • On-board Brush
  • On-board Crevice Tool
  • Charging Base
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  • Strong suction & fade free power
  • Reaches dust from any angle
  • Powers strong. long lasting suction
  • Keeps filter clean and power strong
  • Reduces clogging and provides clean air exhaust
  • Effortlessly scoops up large debris
  • No loose items to misplace
  • Convenient charging base allows for wall and table charging locations
  • Easy to see dirt and easy to empty
  • For thorough hygienic clean-up
  • Loosens embedded debris
  • *Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a work load) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18V
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Compare & contrast to the other MAX vacs, BDH2000L and BDH2000SL? Which vacuums better? (noise etc is secondary)

    A simple "better" between all these Lithium hand vacs is a tough answer but I'll do my best. The Pivot (BDH2000PL) has the strongest suction and packs down the smallest for storage. If you're just looking for huge power in a convenient storage size this is the one you want. The Flex With Floor Head (BDH2020FLFH and BDH1620FLFH) are the most versatile and have the longest run time. The 4 foot hose, accessories, and floor head make these perfect for floor to ceiling cleaning, picking up messes under the table, cleaning stairs, detail cleaning the car, etc. The pet hair attachment on the 20V, and soon to be available separately (BDH200FVPH), works great for pet hair as well as carpeted stairs, car upholstery etc. The more traditional hand vacs (BDH2000L, CHV1410L) have the longest crevice tools and largest capacity. The extra reach is great for getting cobwebs, bugs, and under and between appliances. All of these units have the strong suction and fade free power that comes with Lithium ion battery technology.

  • I have a small bird who scatters bird seed on the carpeted and wood floors. Does this vac pick up bird seed well?

    The vac has enough power to pick up dog food. Bird seed should not be a problem.

  • Does it accept 220v?

    North American versions have an input voltage on the charger of 120-240V but to fit outlets in other regions, you'll need an adaptor. The units should be on sale in other regions with local plug formats soon if not already.

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