The SteamXpress Iron is a mid-range standard-style iron from Black & Decker.

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The SteamXpress Iron is a mid-range standard-style iron from Black & Decker that offers an alternative to the company's digital irons such as the Advantage and Evolution models. Featuring "Variable Steam" technology, this model can provide a wide range of steam temperature and concentration options depending on the garment in use, with "Steam Surge" and "Spray Mist" options tough and gentle fabrics respectively. An INOX stainless steel soleplate prevents unwanted buildup and corrosion, providing and maintaining a smooth gliding surface for consistent wrinkle removal. The SteamXpress can also function as a vertical steamer, providing a quick alternative to press-ironing that doesn't require the use of an ironing board. "Auto Clean System" technology self-cleans the device from the inside out during use, which also incorporates an anti-drip design to prevent water spots on the user's clothing. A 3-way auto-shutoff system prevents potential accidents by entering a low temperature standby mode when the iron is placed on it's heel rest, side or soleplate. The top exterior of the SteamXpress includes a "Comfort Grip" handle designed to maintain hand comfort for longer ironing periods, as well as a translucent tank that makes it obvious when more water is needed. A 360-degree pivoting cord stems from the top-back of the product, preventing hinderance and potentially dangerous situations while the iron is on. 

  • INOX stainless steel faceplate
  • Vertical steam capability
  • Variable steam options
  • Steam Surge and Spray Mist capabilities 
  • 3-way Auto Shutoff 
  • Anti-drip design
  • Auto Clean self-cleaning system
  • Comfort Grip handle
  • Translucent water tank
  • 360-degree pivoting cord
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