The Black & Decker Digital Advantage Iron is a mid-range steam iron from Black & Decker.

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The Black & Decker Digital Advantage Iron is a mid-range steam iron from Black & Decker that offers a step-down from the company's Digital Evolution Iron model. Featuring "Smart Steam" technology for material-specific steam temperatures, this model is built with an INOX stainless steel soleplate that prevents rusting and corrosion over time and provides a smooth gliding response for wrinkle-free materials. Vertical steam capabilities allow users to iron their clothes without the need for an ironing board, making the appliance ideal for quick applications and travelling. The faceplate of the iron can be removed for manual cleaning purposes, and can also be set to self-clean via the Auto Clean System feature. All temperature and fabric adjustments are made through the digital control pad of the Digital Advantage, which also includes a three-way auto-shutoff feature for safety. When placed on its side, base or soleplate, the iron can detect a lack of usage and will go into standby mode until picked up again. A one-way nozzle is fitted in the device's steam/spray area that prevents water drips from getting on the users clothing, while the Comfort Grip handle allows for extended ironing periods. In addition, the cable of the device utilizes a 360-degree pivoting mechanism for unencumbered ironing, and can be wrapped around the base when not in use. 

  • Available in red or blue water tank colors
  • Smart Steam technology
  • INOX stainless steel soleplate
  • Vertical steam capability
  • Steam Surge and Spray Mist functionality
  • 3-way auto shut-off capability
  • Anti-drip design
  • Auto Clean system
  • Comfort Grip handle
  • Smart Stand/cord wrap
  • 360-degree pivoting cord
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