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You can now have a 3-position drill and screwdriver, light and more in one compact.

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Black & Decker's 6 Volt PivotPlus Rechargeable Drill and Screwdriver is a powerful, compact powertool that provides a choice between high-speed drilling power with 40 in./lbs. of torque as well as a lower speed setting for driving with 80 in./lbs. of torque. This handy, compact driver/drill features and ergonomically-shaped body for easy gripping, a handle that locks in three different positions for versatile operating conditions, an integrated LED light for superior visibility in dark areas, and a 23-position clutch that helps prevent stripping. The.6-volt battery offers a long operating life and the quick-release mechanism in the head makes changing bits fast, secure and easy.

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  • 6-volt rechargeable drill and screwdriver offers a choice between high-speed drilling and low-speed driving operations
  • Pivoting handle locks in three different positions for a versatile range of operating conditions
  • Integrated LED light provides visibility in dark areas
  • 23-position clutch helps prevent stripping
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  • Furniture assembly
  • Installation of mini blinds or other window coverings
  • Mounting of storage and decorative shelving
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What's Included

  • Includes an integrated LED light
  • Hex-shank screwdriving bits
  • A charger
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I leave this plugged in all the time? Will that damage it?

    Yes, you can. When the unit is fully charged, it cuts off from the charging mechanism.

  • It has been recharging for about 20 hours and has minimal juice. What am I doing wrong?

    I believe it has a NiCAD battery. If you let these sit around for long periods of time and don't charge them and discharge them they lose their potency. So if you've only used it once after having it for a year then you probably damaged the battery. That would be the case with any product that uses these types of rechargeable batteries and isn't specific to this unit.

  • How long will a fully charged battey last?

    About 45 minutes.

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