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Black Box G1W Original Dashboard Dash Cam - Full HD 1080P H. 264 2.7" LCD Car DVR Camera Video Recorder.

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The Black Box G1W is the best 1080p HD budget dash cam on the market using an exclusive combination of the Novatek NT96650 Chipset + Aptina AR0330 Lens. Easy setup; mount attaches to flat surface. Insert Micro SD card; plug camera into dashboard and drive. Automatic start when car does. Camera will record indefinitely via looping. 2.7'' high res LCD screen can playback directly on camera. Data always available for viewing and protection.
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  • Multi-language support
  • Innovative swivel ball suction mount
  • 140 degree ultra wide angle lens w/ 4x digital zoom, Wide Dynamic (WDR) Technology

  • Advanced H.264 video compression technology

  • Built in G-Sensor locks data to memory
  • Seamless continuous recording
  • Loop recording: automatically overwrites oldest footage w/ newest
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What's Included

  • Black Box G1W Dash Camera
  • In-car charging cable
  • Swivel Suction Mount Bracket
  • USB cable
  • User Manual
  • HDMI cable
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many hours can this device record? Can you get at least 8 hours of record time?

    It depends on CD card capacity and resolution. With max supported 32GB CD card in 1080P recording time is 4h; in 720P it will record 8h.

  • Can I turn audio off?

    Yes, you can turn audio off and will probably consume less data that way.

  • Will the dashcam drain the car battery when the engine is off (but the dashcam is still plugged in via the cigarette charger)?

    It shouldn't drain the battery, only draw a few milliamps to keep the light lit. if you have a weak or old battery you may want to unplug it to be safe.

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