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Offers OnePass Technology, which cleans on the initial sweep. It is made with a brush design.

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The vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and easy to maneuver.

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This vacuum is extremely quiet.

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The dust cup is easy to empty and clean.

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The suction power is great on this vacuum cleaner.

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This vacuum is easy and quick to assemble.

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The wand is awkward to use and is not very functional.

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The motor runs too hot causing the plastic housing to soften and to lose its intended shape.

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When the nozzle is unplugged to vacuum at higher elevations, dust blows into the air from the opening.

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The stiff plastic bristles will damage hardwood floors.

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The Bissell CleanView Vacuum offers OnePass Technology, which cleans on the initial sweep. It is made with a brush design. The dirt tank is easy to empty and the foam filter is washable.

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What’s in the Box

  • 1 - CleanView vacuum
  • 1 - TurboBrush tool
  • 1 - crevice tool
  • 1 - dusting brush
  • 1 - extension wand
  • 1 - 25-foot cord wrap
  • 1 - 6-foot expandable hose
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  • TurboBrush tool for stairs, furniture, upholstery
  • HEPA media filter
  • Bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Washable foam filter
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a Bissell vacuum help with allergies?

    A vacuum with a good filtration system is good for someone who is allergic to dust mites. HEPA media filters remove most of the allergens from your carpet.

  • Are there any advantages to bagless vacuum cleaners?

    Yes, you will save money not having to replace the bags. The clear dirt tanks allow you to see inside so you will know when it is full and needs to be changed.

  • How often do vacuum filters need to be changed?

    To keep your vacuum running efficiently, the filters should be changed on a regular basis. The vacuum's user guide is a good place to check for specifics regarding this information.

  • Can this vacuum be used on bare floors as well as on carpet?

    This vacuum cleaner works great on bare floors too.

  • Is it ok to use this vacuum on hardwood floors?

    It can be used on hardwood floors, bare floors, on area rugs, and on carpet.

  • Will it vacuum well on tile floors?

    It does work on tile floors. There are various settings for various types of floors.

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