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This double window fan draws in fresh, cool air from the outside or exhausts stale, hot air from inside.

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With a remote control for convenient adjustment, this double window fan draws in fresh, cool air from the outside or exhausts stale, hot air from inside. It can also do both simultaneously, because each of the two fans can be set independently to draw in or exhaust out, allowing the unit to exchange inside and outside air. Operable either manually or automatically--with its thermostat turning the fans off and on to maintain a selected temperature--the unit has three speeds, electronic controls, and an LCD screen showing the selected temperature and the room temperature. The remote control (2 AAA batteries not included) alters speed, manual/automatic operation, air-flow direction, and temperature. he twin fan is designed to fit double-hung, vertical-slider, and casement windows. A built-in 7-inch extender and two 3-inch extenders permit custom fitting for windows from 24 to 37 inches wide. Because the unit is lightweight plastic it can be moved easily from room to room. The fans have six blades and measure 8.5 inches in diameter. Overall, the unit is 13 inches high, arrives fully assembled, and carries a five-year warranty against defects.

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  • Draws in cool air, exhausts hot air, or exchanges air with outside
  • Electronic control with LCD screen and remote control; three speeds
  • Thermostat turns fan off/on to maintain selected comfort level
  • Fits double-hung, vertical slider, and casement windows 24 to 37 inches wide
  • Extenders permit custom fit; 13 inches high overall, with 8.5 inch fans
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3 Speed Settings with Remote Control

Remote controls power, speed, thermostat, and airflow direction from up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) away.

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Electrically Reversible Airflow Control

Change the direction of the blades to intake fresh cool air, exhaust hot stale air or exchange for full room circulation; Water resistant motos are also UL approved and safe to use when raining.

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Remote Control Feature

Remote control operation provides the ultimate in convenience, allowing use of three speed settings - high, medium, and low speed for controlled airflow and optimal cooling and comfort. (2 AAA Batteries 1.5V required - not included).

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Built-in Adjustable Extender

Screen exapnds to fit larger windows and slider safe extender panels offer rigid support for vertical orientation.

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Programmable Digital LED Thermostat

Set your desired temperature level to the degree from 60-80 degrees and the fan will automatically turn OFF and ON in response to the ambient room temperatuer! Also visible in the dark for nighttime use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to mount it and leave the mesh screen in place? Or will I have to remove it to mount it on the window?

    I have one of those windows where the screen is permanently installed. My fan sits fine in my window. I don't see it being a problem for most windows with screens.

  • Can you mount this fan vertically instead of horizonitally?

    You had my curiosity up with this one so i did put this fan in my window vertically and had no problems. The fan fits perfectly in my window track very snug and has a place for the cord to fit so it does not get pinched in any way. the electronic part goes on the left, and the right side fits snug into the window track. the window screen gets a little pushed out either way but have had no problems at all. Good luck, really like my fan.

  • The track that the window slides into is 24" wide (1.5" deep), but measuring the window itself when closed is 23" wide. Will it fit?

    With the pleated section and expansion panel removed, the fan measures 24" wide. You will need to get past the 23" wide inner dimension of your window. Perhaps you can angle it in one side first then square it up, but I doubt it since your depth is so shallow. If you are desperate to get a fan to fit, you could cut away 1/2" of the main housing on each side with a hacksaw. I hope this helps.

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