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The BFG Tech GTX 260 OCX is a double slot high end graphics card with 896GB of DDR3 ram.

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Boasts a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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Overclocked performance is comparable to the GTX 280 but at a cheaper price.

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Stock cooling keeps it cool even under heavy loads.

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Great performance

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Lots of bang for your buck.

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Still competes well in terms of sheer performance with newer-generation Nvidia cards.

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Consumes quite a bit of power compared to similar- or better-performing cards.

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Takes up a lot of space in your case--may get in the way of neighbouring PCI cards.

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Fairly dated by this point at least for those seeking newer features like HDMI 1.4a and DX11.

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The BFG Tech GTX 260 OCX is a double slot high end graphics card with 896GB of DDR3 ram. Using the stock NVIDIA cooler, the card is clocked at enhanced 655MHz/2250MHz (gpu/memory) timings. For more information on the GTX 260 refer to the full report.

  • Output Interface:
    • 2 x DVI-I
    • 1 x HDTV
  • Accessories:
    • DVI to VGA adapter
    • DVI to HDMI adapter
    • 6-pin PCIE power adapter
    • Internal S/PDIF cable
    • HDTV Cable
    • Internal S/PDIF Cable
Post Review
03/20/2009 11:17

I bought this particular Video card to replace my 8800Ultra. Def a better product but not much more. If you want something better get a higher end card. If not this is perfect for someone looking to really crank out some graphics on a tight video card buget. Not to mention the 100 day trade in BFG offers. Currently for $60 i can get the max oc 280 to replace this one if I wanted which isn't bad. Not to mention the life time product replacement. Currently my rig is a Q6600 2gig of DDR2 800Mhz ram and windows vista. Crysis runs about 15 FPS maxed out at 1440x900 turn them down to the auto detect but still 1440x900 and it still looks spectacular at about 30+ fps, not half bad.

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