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The BenQ MP515 digital projector is part of their silent engineering line.

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operation is fairly easy, just plugs in and works, don't need to keep looking at the manual

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display is clear and sharp, can see all the details

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light enough to carry from one venue to another

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small enough footprint that it won't take up significant space on the desk

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makes little to no noise while in operation

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has a sleek, high-end attractive design

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not as bright as it could be, need a well darkened room

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The BenQ MP515 digital projector is part of their silent engineering line. In econo-mode it emits only 26 dB of noise thanks to specially designed fans and venting. It outputs an SVGA (800x600) image with a 2500 ANSI lumens lamp, a brightness that is useful in a small meeting room for under 25 people. A contrast ratio of 2600:1 provides crisp details and a broad range of subtle color differences. This projector uses BilliantColor(TM) technology to further enhance the image and comes with BenQ 3D color management to allow for excellent control over the quality of the projected image. Wall color correction technology is also available so that you can use any wall as a projection surface and still get good image quality. Speakers are built in and the unit also displays closed captioning text. S-Video, analog video, audio, and two VGA inputs are on the unit along with an RS232 control port and a monitorout output. In the box it comes with a remote control, a VGA cable, power cord, and associated software.

  • 2500 ANSI lumens bulb
  • SVGA (800x600) video output
  • 2600:1 contrast ratio
  • 3000 hour lamp life in normal mode
  • Built in speakers
  • closed captioning
  • 26 dB noise level in econo-mode
  • Manual zoom 1.1:1
  • Throw ratio of 1.86-2.04 (53"@2M)
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