The Grip Swell for iPad is a sleeve-style case from Belkin that is designed to fit Apple's iPad.

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The Grip Swell for iPad is a sleeve-style case from Belkin that is designed to fit Apple's iPad.  The case has a similar design to the Grip Groove since it is constructed with a silicone exterior which is durable and flexible.  It has a form-fitting design to fit the iPad securely and has a laser-etched wave pattern on the exterior, making it easy to grip.  The Grip Swell for iPad includes impact resistant padding to absorb shock and protect the iPad from minor bumps.  The case is available in Black, Royal Purple, or Vivid Blue and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • Silicone Exterior
  • Wave Pattern
  • Flexible and Durable Construction
  • Form-Fitting
  • Shock-Absorbing
  • Available Colors: Black, Royal Purple, Vivid Blue
  • 1 year limited warranty
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11/30/2012 09:54
I am looking to get a new iPad case, and I heard of a new company called Domeo Products that just launched. I checked out their website at and it looks like they have some awesome cases. I was wondering if you have heard of them and what you thought of them?
11/07/2012 12:41

I am looking into getting a new phone case for my iPhone, and I came across They have seem pretty cool cases, and they have some good discounts. I can get 20% off my order and free shipping if I use the code BG20UV. What do you guys think about them? Has anyone purchased one of their cases before?

11/01/2012 01:07

There is a new company launching on November 5th called They are a company that makes iPad and iPad mini cases. I have seen a couple of pictures of them online, and they look awesome, but I was wondering what you guys thought about them? I need a new iPad case, and I was thinking about getting one of them. Thanks!

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