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The Belkin F1DJ104P-B is a lower mid-cost KVM switch that is compatible with multiple operating systems.

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Audible switching cue (chirping sound) is helpful for user confirmation - also provides a sound prompt when remotely changing channels

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Very affordable - feature set is indicative of units more than 2x the price

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Top-mounted unit switcher is very convenient - enables one-step debugging and easy access when working away from the keyboard

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Excellent cable quality for the price point - connectors fasten tightly for consistent, reliable support

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Unit is logically constructed - detachable cable design preserves other components if a single thread is damaged

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Audio cues cannot be deactivated - may become annoying to users over time

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May not work with some modern keyboards/mice - USB to PS/2 conversion (fairly common) is not supported

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Lacks audio switching capabilities - many competitors natively support iTunes/Windows Media Player controllability

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The Belkin F1DJ104P-B is a lower mid-cost KVM switch that is compatible with multiple operating systems. Belkin promotes this KVM switch as an affordable switching solution that saves desk space. You can control up to four computers from one console with this KVM switch. The mouse and keyboard emulation features, by keeping constant communication with unselected computers, allow for smooth boot up and operation. You can select which port you are using by establishing hot keys on your keyboard. The automatic scanning function of this KVM switch allows you to monitor activity on all four computers for an interval. The F1DJ104P-B KVM switch differs from the lower cost F1DJ102P-B in that the F1DJ102P-B only has two computer ports. 

  • Includes two 6 ft. OmniView KVM Cable Kits
  • Supports video resolution of up to 1920x1440 (@65Hz)
  • Supports multiple operating systems
  • 3-Year Warranty and free technical support
  • Hot-key switching
  • Automatic scanning function
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation
  • Requires no power supply
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