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It is a wireless router that can be connected to a DSL modem to share an internet connection across a network.

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Rather cheap

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Difficulty with several (6ish or more) wifi connections--drops connections, loses signal

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Requires frequent power cycles

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Low price=low quality

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Range is sub-par

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Wireless will randomly turn off

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The Belkin Wireless G is a wireless router that can be connected to a DSL modem to share an internet connection across a network.  The router utilizes 802.11g technology with backwards compatibility to support a combination of 802.11g and 802.11b technology.  It offers VPN support and a variety of security features including WPA and WEP Wi-Fi protection and MAC address filtering.  The Wireless G has a silver casing, dual antennas, and a built-in 4-port ethernet switch for wiring computers to the network.  It also has a quick setup wizard that detects internet settings and configures the router, making it easy for the average user to setup.  The router has a suggested retail price of $40 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • 802.11g Technology
  • Dual antenna configuration
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Quick Setup Wizard
  • 4-port ethernet switch
  • Security: WPA, WPA2, 64-bit/128-bit encryption, MAC address filtering
  • VPN Support: IPSec pass-through , PPTP
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • Silver casing
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Post Review
03/03/2011 06:53

I've had this router for several years now, and it's never failed me. Yes, it needs to be cycled every once and a while, but...well, for the price, and the fact that it's one of the few electronic pieces I've NEVER had to replace...who's gonna complain?

11/02/2009 09:13

If they had a "hate it" button, I would click it. This router is very disappointing. Replaced it twice within the first 3 months, Best Buy would not let me return it for a refund because it was more than 30 days. Has problems connecting several wireless devices--can take upwards of 2 minutes to obtain an IP, will randomly drop connections to individual devices, transfer speeds drop dramatically with each new connection. Router requires frequent power cycles and sometimes wifi will turn itself off for no reason, often without warning.  Router is cheap, and it really shows!

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