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The Belkin Share is a wireless router with that allows hardware sharing over a network.

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setup is very easy to handle, ideal for people uncomfortable with technology

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shares a printer over the network very easily, does a good job

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included software doesn't always accept the changes you made

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frequently gets very slow speeds

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takes several tries to update the firmware

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poor range, can't be too far away for a successful connection

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sends a lot of false error messages when coming back from sleep mode

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The Belkin Share is a wireless router with that allows hardware sharing over a network. This is the same hardware as the Belkin Play, but doesn't have the extra media based features such as Torrent support and Media streaming. It also uses single-band wireless communication, although it can still produce gigabit connections. Four LAN ports and a WAN port allow for traditional wired connection as well. A USB port enables printers and storage devices to be connected directly to the router and shared across the network. A number of encryption standards are available to keep wireless data secure, and a NAT and SPI firewall keeps out users from outside the network. Automated backups to attached storage media can be set up through the router, and a self-healing system detects network collisions and works around them to keep things running smoothly. 

  • Up to 300 Mbps
  • Wireless and wired networking, 802.11b/g/n
  • 4 x LAN 10/100/1000, 1 x WAN, 1 x USB 2.0
  • Storage or printer direct sharing via USB
  • Dual-plane antennas and MIMO technology
  • WPA2/WPA-Personal (PSK) & WEP 64/128-bit
  • NAT and SPI firewall
  • Automated backup software
  • Network collision detection
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