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The N150 Enhanced is an internet router from the Belkin company.

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basic setup is simple and straight-forward

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connection speeds are unusually slow

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can't achieve the advertised Wireless N speeds

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frequently drops the connection to the uplink with several ISPs

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tends to overheat and performance decreases over time

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if the ISP assigns random IPs getting the router reset is much more difficult

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setting up the advanced wireless settings is difficult, even experienced users will need to refer to the manual

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The N150 Enhanced is an internet router from the Belkin company. Optimized for high-bandwidth applications that exceed the requirements of an average household internet setup, this model is ideal for small office and online gaming configurations. Fitted with 4 ethernet ports for sharing a common broadband connection with multiple computers, users can easily share documents, music and other files in a quick and efficient manner. Built around 802.11b Wi-Fi connectivity with G-level certification, the N150 Enhanced has a wireless range of up to 1,000 feet courtesy of two externally-mounted antennas. Download speeds of up to 150 megabytes-per-second are available, with integrated security options including WPA, WPA2, Wi-Fi Protected Setup and 64/128-bit encryption. Security commands are simplified via hard button control on the front of the unit, with a series of 6 LEDs providing constant feedback of general operations. A one-year manufacturer warranty is included with purchase. 

  • Matte black aesthetic
  • 4 ethernet ports 
  • Easy Setup Assistant 
  • Network Status Display 
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup security 
  • WPA/WPA2 encryption technology 
  • 64 and 128-bit WEP encryption 
  • 1-year limited warranty 
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