It is built to give you the peace of mind you need in case a power disturbance hits your home.

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The Belkin BP106000 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Wall Mount Surge Protector, with its rotating outlet design, is built to give you the peace of mind you need in case a power disturbance hits your home.

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  • 6 Rotating Surge-Protected Outlets provide convenience and flexibility
  • Allows room for large block space outlets
  • 1080 Joule energy rating provides maximum protection of all your sensitive electronic devices
  • Filters EMI/RFI Noise Filtration 150 kHz~100 MHz (up to 40dB reduction)
  • Lifetime Product Warranty
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Style Options

  • Standard 
  • Telephone Protection
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Keeping the Computers Running

As the demand for electricity to feed our hi-tech appetite increases, the likelihood of power interruptions and problems are also increasing. In addition to problems caused by the increasing severity of storms across the country, power experts are predicting that increasing power demand will soon put most major population centers at risk for severe power problems. As you know, power lulls and surges can severely damage your electronic equipment and even destroy your invaluable data.

The 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Surge Protector provides premium power protection for both home and professional workstations. In addition to protection your computer, this protector is the ideal solution for all of your sensitive electronic equipment. It's built to protect professional workstations, laser printers, telephones, home-theater systems, and everyday household electronics.

The unique pivot-plug design provides greater convenience and flexibility in placing your plugged-in devices than traditional surge protectors. In addition, the surge protector offers the convenience of wall mounting, freeing up valuable desk space for your power needs. Each of the six outlets pivots, allowing you better angles to connect your equipment and extra room for large AC adapter blocks. The surge protection features advanced design elements, high-quality construction, and superior circuitry and components that combine to provide the most complete protection from power surges, spikes, and AC contamination. A detachable cord-management clip will help you organize your cables and keep your desk clutter free. And the protector's slim, sleek design will blend seamlessly with today's modern electronics and appliances.

The Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector is backed by a Belkin Lifetime Warranty and a $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.

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This Belkin 6-Outlet Surge Protector offers

  • Home power protection for home computers
  • Protection for computers, peripherals, telephones, and more
  • A slim, sleek design and a cord management clip; pivoting outlets for ease of use
  • A $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating of this product? Is it listed as a transient voltage surge suppressor?

    This surge protector is warranted for life. The Underwriters Laboratories rating of this surge protector shows Maximum Energy Dissipation: 4320 Joules H-N: 3600 Joules H-G: 360 Joules N-G: 360 Joules.

  • Does this Surge Protector have a Built in Circuit Breaker?

    This Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector model BP112230 doesn't have a built-in / resettable circuit breaker. The following models have built-in resettable circuit breaker: Belkin F7C007 Conserve Smart AV and Belkin F7C01008q Conserve Switch.

  • Does this wall mount unit have a screw to keep it securely plugged in?

    Yes it does. What you do to install this is first remove the protective plastic cover plate. You then plug the power strip into the top position of the wall outlet. A screw is provided in the Belkin outlet strip that you then screw into the same place that the cover plate did.

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