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good range on the device, works through walls without a problem

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doesn't drop signal or lose bandwidth, very reliable

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download speeds are very good, almost as fast as a wired connection

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getting it up and running, in most cases, is just plug-and-play

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no physical support beyond the USB connector itself, which wears out the connector and the port with time and will eventually fail if it gets bumped too many times

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some compatibility issues with Mac hardware and software

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some compatibility issues on some networks, need to go into Belkin utility and flag to run on Windows' Utility

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Belkin software actually creates a slower connection than ignoring it and installing with default Windows drivers

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The below section of the report appears to be written as a first-person review.
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This wireless usb connection device covers the B,G and G plus bands. It comes with a 6 foot cord connected to the docking stand. This allows connecting to a laptop or desktop computer and adjusting for fringe area best reception. The actual USB card will easily undock from the stand and can be used by connecting directly into the computer USB port.

PROS: I found  this device at Wal-mart for about 60 bucks. Connection and setup was easy and the device worked great at fringe area reception sucking in signal that my Linksys PCMCIA card was unable to find. Windows networking and Linksys programs easily found the device when I was not using the Belkin software but the Belkin software must be installed to install the device. The Belkin control screen is informative and easy to use although it is a little slow in showing updated connection information ( maybe 30-45 seconds) although the connections are made as soon as the device finds them ( almost immediately after handshake is complete)

Cons: The Belkin software (ver is buggy and crashes pretty easy. My desktop also developed the annoying habit of crashing without warning into a hard reboot. I suspect this software is conflicting with a memory address but in may be my memory module is bad. Doesn't happen often enough to make me find out exactly why.  I finally found an updated version (4.xxxx) on the Belkin site but was unable to get it to install and find my device when I tried it on my Sony Vaio laptop and desktop. The computers kept asking for the location of a install file which was not easily found in the software and may exist in a "cab" like file. Fortunately, the Win and Linksys software easily take over the tasks of controlling the device when the buggy software gives up the ghost so, the original drivers and Belkin software are not that big of an issue.



When I start to install the software I get an error message that this software has not passed Windows Logo testing, is this software safe?


The short answer is yes, the software is safe.

The long answer is, all the products that we make to be used with Windows XP has been tested to make sure that they work with Windows XP. If you receive this error message during your installation, rest assured that we have tested our software to make sure it works properly. You can click the “Continue Anyway” button to continue the installation of your Belkin product.

I like the device, its corded docking station and the reception ranges. I would recommend to a friend and like the fact that Wal-mart carries the thing so replacement of a defective device would be easy should the need arise. The software bug is on occasion an annoyance but not enough to keep me from buying it. 4.7 out of 5.

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02/19/2008 12:04

This thing took forever to setup on my mirrordoor mac G4 running OSX Leopard, the install cd does not have mac drivers, you go to the Belkin site, they dont have them either!! Finally after some searching I found you can use Ralink drivers for it. After downloading these and playing with network settings and rebooting everything about 50 times, I got connected. My hardwired laptop downstairs runs highspeed internet pretty quick, my G4 with this adapter runs extremely slow and drops signal all the time, I dont know if Belkin even know what a Mac is.

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