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Works as a remote to turn anything plugged in on or off. It also has the ability to put electronic devices on a schedule.

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Installation is quick and easy.

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The switch is a standard size so you can use it with any faceplate.

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It automatically sets up remote capability.

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This only works with single switched lights, not multi-switched.

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The switch does not detect wireless networks.

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This switch requires a neutral wire which many older homes do not have.

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The Belkin WeMo Switch, along with the iPhone WeMo app, works as a remote to turn anything plugged in on or off. It also has the ability to put electronic devices on a schedule. WeMo operates off of a Wi-Fi network or mobile internet.

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  • Universal remote
  • Turns anything plugged in on or off 
  • WeMo works with a Wi-Fi router as well as Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad - iOS v5 or higher
  • Works with Wi-Fi and mobile internet from anywhere
  • WeMo Switch has an electrical rating of 120V~/15A/60Hz/1800W
  • Ability to put electronic devices on a schedule
  • Works with WeMo app
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Wireless Control

The Belkin WeMo Switch and the WeMo app provides wireless control of appliances and electronics. Download the free WeMo app to an iPhone or iPad. Plug the switch into an outlet and plug any device or appliance into the switch. After connecting the switch to a Wi-Fi network, follow the onscreen instructions. The switch will also work with mobile internet.

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Set Schedules with WeMo App

The WeMo app will also set schedules for appliances and electronics to power on or off at certain times during the day. An iPhone or iPad can be used to program electronic devices or appliances. 

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Multiple Configurations

Multiple switches can be added to turn appliances or devices on and off all at once or programmed for separate times.

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Warranty and Compatibility Information

The Belkin WeMo Switch supports Apple devices (iOS 5 and higher) and your existing Wi-Fi router. It has a one year limited warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the WeMo switch work on anything other than Apple devices?

    Android offers a Beta version for controlling the WeMo.

  • Can the iPad App/WeMo be programmed as a countdown timer to turn off an appliance?


  • Does this unit ‘click’ when turning on or off?

    It does make a clicking sound when the unit powers on or off.

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  • Plug any appliance or electronic device into the WeMo Switch and turn it on/off remotely.

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  • Set schedules for your electronics; turn them on or off when you want.

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