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The Behringer Pro Mixer VMX1000USB is a 7-channel ultra-low noise mixer.

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durably constructed to handle heavy use for years

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controls are simple and easy to get used to

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fairly low price for a USB mixer, good for beginners

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knobs and faders are all solid, can handle full-time use

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Mic inputs and outputs are prone to malfunction

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can't sample music on the headphones that isn't being sent through the mains

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controls can feel a little imprecise at times

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some distortion is noticeable at high volumes

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The Behringer Pro Mixer VMX1000USB is a 7-channel ultra-low noise mixer. This is similar to the original Behringer Pro Mixer VMX1000, but with a USB inputerface that allows for the use of software. Several pieces of software are included for sequencing, vinyl restoration, and podcasting. Otherwise the two boards are the same, with 5 dual input stereo channels and 2 microphone input channels. Each channel has a 3-band kill EQ with its own gain control and level meter. Phono amps are built in to allow for the use of unamplified turntables. Beat matching is assisted by dual BPM counters that automatically detect the beats on two assignable channels. Mixing is handled with an Ultraglide fader on a VCA-controlled crossfader, and the curve is adjustable to match personal styles. Balanced, zone and subwoofer outputs are all included.

  • 7-channel ultra-low noise mixer
  • Phono preamps
  • Built-in USB interface
  • Dual BPM counter
  • ULTRAGLIDE faders (up to 500,000 cycles)
  • VCA-controlled crossfader
  • Adjustable crossfader curve
  • XPQ stereo surround effect
  • 3-band kill EQ (-32 dB), Gain control and level meter per channel
  • Monitor function with PFL/main balance control and Split option
  • Automatic talkover function with separate Depth and Sensitivity control
  • Balanced Main and additional zone outputs
  • Subwoofer output with adjustable x-over frequency and level control
  • Gold-plated RCA connectors
  • Software included: energyXT2.5 Compact BEHRINGER Edition, Audacity vinyl restoration and recording, Podifier and Golden Ear podcasting software
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