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The EP-2500 is rated at 2 x 1200 Watts in 2-Ohm as well as 2400 Watts in 4-Ohm bridged.

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Unbeatable power/price point.

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Excellent for driving passive subwoofers.

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Loud cooling fan.

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The EP-2500 from Behringer is a powerful 2-channel amplifier that provides output in the kilowatt range, and remains accurate enough to drive full-range speakers.  The amplifier features SPEAKON connectors for easy and secure speaker connection, balanced XLR and unbalanced TRS 1/4" input, signal/clip indicators, and one gain control per channel.  The EP-2500 is rated at 2 x 1200 Watts in 2-Ohm as well as 2400 Watts in 4-Ohm bridged.

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09/16/2008 08:41

First, the music:
The Behringer EP2500 is a serious contender for those who enjoy listening to orchestral music, solo piano, choral arrangements and any other demanding compositions. It has easily bested my Dynaco Stereo 80, Rotel RB980 BX, Audiosource Amp 7t, Panny SA-XR55 and I'm reasonably sure many others I have owned over the decades. Having been an orchestral musician, I can assure you that the reproduction from this amp sounds like real musical instruments. It won't put you in the front row but it will seat you with the orchestra. Instruments never get lost in the haze and vocals are clear as a bell (same goes for bells).

This is a tremendously powerful amplifier so even low level listening is very enjoyable and reproduced with full fidelity. Before purchasing this amp, I read a lot of posts about the amp being a knock-off, being no good for top quality sound, loud fans, second rate service and lots of negativity of all stripe. Well, My amp came double-boxed with an excellent fit and finish, turned on the first time with a dead silent background, no hum and the sound just keeps getting better and better. As for the fan, you would either have to be very close to the amp or have no music playing to notice (the fan blows from back to front so turning it sideways makes it much quieter).

If someone has bad things to say about this amp, they might want to check what's plugged into it first. It's an amplifier and that is what it does extremely well. If find it to be very musical (meaning that it faithfully reproduces music) and that it was quite a bargain was a bonus.

My signal path:
1 - Digital Source (96/24) with digital gain control
2 - Velodyne 12" Sub (built in electronic xOver @ ~ 75hz)
3 - Behringer EP2500 (50hz filter on)
4 - Infinity Primus 150 Speakers (2 pair)

08/05/2007 08:39

Behringer products are usually a copy of someone else's work, and the product support and repair parts are nonexistent. This is a PA product that was probably originally a Crown or Yamaha, and for a PA amp it probably works pretty well, but the tradeoffs in these are way different than for serious home audio. I'd leave it where it belongs, a DJ setup or band PA.

05/16/2007 01:32

In my opinion, it should have a better surface to fit my home theater :)

05/16/2007 12:41

This amplifier is an amazing example of getting alot for your money. If you are into the home theater scene, then the ep-2500 is something that requires a look for powering those massive subwoofers. I modified the fan in my unit and it is now 100% silent, and does not overheat regardless of how hard its pushed. This amp could power a toaster oven if fed a pure sine wave, and yet is still accurate enough for the discerning audiophile.

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