It has enough power to deep fry and boil large pots, but the burner can be reduced to keep your food at a simmer if necessary.

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From tailgating to the backyard chef, cook-off chili to the day’s crab catch, or a seasonal home brew; the Bayou Classic SP10 High Pressure Outdoor Propane Cooker is reliable, easy-to-use and portable. The cooker features a solid, one-piece welded steel frame with three widespread legs, a broad 14-inch diameter cooking surface, and full windscreen protection for cooking on windy days. It also features a 48-inch stainless braided hose, a 10-psi regulator for high BTU output, and a brass valve for complete control of flame intensity. 

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  • High-pressure outdoor propane cooker
  • 1-piece welded steel frame, 14-inch diameter cooking surface, wide-set legs for stability.
  • Includes 48-inch stainless braided hose, 10psi high-pressure regulator and brass control valve.
  • Full 360-degree windscreen protection for use in windy conditions.
  • 13-inch height provides low center of gravity for use with large stockpots up to 100-qt capacity; measures 18 inches in diameter by 13 inches high
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Previous models of the SP10 used screws to secure the air control shutter. Newer models do not include screws but instead use a spring. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a weight limit for this unit?

    The SP-10 can hold up to 100 quarts.

  • Is the burner adjustable from low to high like a stove top or bbq?

    Yes it is. There is a valve near the tank end of the gas line.

  • Does it matter if I use an 11 pound or 20 pound propane tank with this unit?

    Doesn't matter as long as the connectors are the same.

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