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The Bauer Vapor X: 40 Stick'um Composite Stick is a mid-range hockey stick from Bauer.

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nice grip on the handle, easy to keep a good hold

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very light weight, easy to handle

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lots of customization options, can make it fit your individual playing style

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shoots fairly accurately with a good amount of forgiveness

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excellent response, shots are released just right

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lacks power for faster shots

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not very durable, can shatter if doing frequent faceoffs

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The Bauer Vapor X:40 Stick'um Composite Stick is a mid-range hockey stick from Bauer that offers a step-down from the company's Vapor X:50 Stick'um Composite Stick and a step-up from the X:20 Stick'um Composite Stick. Available in three different color schemes with Silver, Blue and Red variables, this model is available in Junior, Intermediate and Senior sizes for players of all ages. Bauer's own Pure Shot blade profile can be user-customized to fit any of four legal flex types, with Intelli-Sense shot technology helping to maintain consistency through a low center of gravity. Micro Feel II and Aero Foam II technologies reduce the overall weight of the stick without comprising power or durability, with a foam-injected core providing sharp, snappy response on the ice. Bauer's "VAPOR" premium dual taper design features double concave walls for optimal grip, with "Stick'um" grip coating providing an added element of tackiness in case of excess moisture.

  • Available in Black/White/Silver, Black/White/Blue and Black/White/Red color schemes
  • Available in Junior, Intermediate and Senior sizes and flex types
  • Intelli-Sense shot technology
  • Pure Shot blade profile
  • Micro Feel II shaft dimension
  • Double concave walls
  • Aero Foam II blade technology
  • VAPOR premium dual taper
  • Stick'um grip technology
  • P106, P92, PM9 and P88 flex patterns available¬†
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