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The X: 50 hockey skate is an upper level offering in Bauer's Vapor line.

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responsive design maximizes energy transfer

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fairly light skates, won't hold you back with the weight of them

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excellent ankle support, keeps you stable

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offer good protection against the puck or sticks hitting you

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molds itself to the shape of your foot, very comfortable

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difficult to get in and out of

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stitching is a little weak, starts to loosen here and there after a year

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The X:50 hockey skate is an upper level offering in Bauer's Vapor line. The upper of this skate has the thermoformed X-Rib pattern that is characteristic of the Vapor line. As opposed to the fiber composite outsole of the lower level X:40 or the full carbon composite of the higher level X:60, the outer of the X:50 is a full texallium composite. As opposed to the basket-woven nylon upper of the X:40 or the Ultra-Light upper of the X:60, the X:40 has a mesh upper. Like both the X:40 and X:60, this hockey skate has integrated heel support in the footbed, as well as dual-density foam ankle padding (though the X:40's foam ankle pads are not dual density). The form-fit tongue of the X:50 (which is has in common with the X:60) has a high-density metatarsal guard that will protect the front of your feet from stray pucks and sticks. The footbed of the X:50 is superfit designed (like both the X:40 and X:60 models), with moisture management. There are size options available for the Bauer Vapor X:50 hockey skate.

  • Size options
  • Full texallium composite outer
  • TUUK Lightspeed 2 blade holders
  • TUUK Lighspeed 2 stainless steel blade runners
  • Mesh upper w/ thermoformed X-Rib pattern
  • Hydra mesh liner
  • Superfit footbed w/ moisture management and heel support
  • Dual-density foam ankle padding
  • Form-fit tongue w/ high density metatarsal guard
Size Options
  • Senior - 6-12 full and half, D/EE widths
  • Junior - 1-5.5 full and half, D/EE widths
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