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The X: 40 hockey skate is an upper mid-priced offering in Bauer's Vapor line.

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comfortable fit doesn't pinch or put uneven pressure on the foot

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dry out quickly after being taken off

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relatively light weight, won't drag the leg down

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hugs the foot tightly, gives a secure fit

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responsive design, returns power right away

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highly maneuverable, easy to change directions and do sudden reversals

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doesn't allow any movement of the foot within the boot, can feel claustrophobic

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The X:40 hockey skate is an upper mid-priced offering in Bauer's Vapor line. Like other hockey skates in the Vapor line, the X:40's basket-woven nylon upper has a thermoformed X-Rib pattern that ensures a comfortable fit. Like the X:30 and X:20, the X:40 has a hydrophobic inner, with the difference that the X:40 has an additional quick-dry feature that will get rid of moisture quickly even if it does manage to enter your skates. Bauer's characteristic emphasis on foot support in their hockey skates is present here, as there is intergrated heel support, as well as lightweight insta-form foam ankle pads. Like the X:30, the x:40 has a superfit footbed with a stabilizer grip that helps you with control and balance. There are size options available for the Bauer Vapor X:40 hockey skate.

  • Size options
  • Fiber composite outsole
  • TUUK Lightspeed 2 blade holders
  • TUUK Lightspeed 2 blade runners
  • Basket-woven nylon upper w/ thermoformed X-Rib pattern
  • Quick-dry hydrophobic gripliner inner
  • Superfit footbed w/ stabilizer grip
  • Lightweight insta-form foam ankle pads
  • Integrated heel support
Size Options
  • Senior - 6-12 full and half (D/EE widths), 13-15 full (E width)
  • Junior - 1-5.5 full and half, D/EE widths
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