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The X: 30 is a mid-level offering in Bauer's Vapor line of hockey skates.

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padding in general is comfortable and soft

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molds to the shape of the foot for improved response to movements

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performance is forgiving, keeps young skaters on their feet

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inner lining makes it easy to slide the foot in or out

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gel pads in the sides not thick enough to match the side profile of the foot

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stitching comes loose from the eye loops early on in use

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material accumulates scratches and cuts quickly

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The X:30 is a mid-level offering in Bauer's Vapor line of hockey skates. Like most of the models in the Vapor line, the X:30 has a nylon upper with a thermoformed X-Rib pattern that will fit comfortably to your foot. Like the lower level X:20 (and most of Bauer's mid-priced hockey skate offerings), the X:30 has hydrophobic microfiber inner lining that is designed to keep your feet dry (though it is not Quick Dry like the higher level X:40 model). Also like the X:20 model, the X:30 has a lightweight Pro-8 TPU (ThermoPlastic Urethane) outer that will protect your foot while letting you go at the speed you want. This is not at the same level as the fiber composite outsole of the X:40 model. Unlike the X:20, the X:30 has a two-piece tongue with metatarsal guard that will protect your feet from sticks and pucks, and the Superfit footbed with stabilizer grip (a feature of higher level Vapor skates). While the X:30 has insta-form foam ankle pads, they are not the lightweight kind that the X:40 has. There are size options available for the Bauer Vapor X:30 hockey skate.

  • Size options
  • Lightweight Pro-8 TPU outer
  • TUUK Lightspeed 2 blade holders
  • TUUK Super stainless steel blade runners
  • Superfit footbed w/ stabilizer grip
  • Nylon upper w/ thermoformed X-Rib pattern
  • Hydrophobic microfiber inner lining
  • 2-piece tongue w/ metatarsal guard
  • Insta-form foam ankle pads
  • Integrated heel support
Size Options
  • Senior - 6-12 full and half, D/EE widths
  • Junior - 1-5.5 full and half, D/EE widths
Post Review
11/28/2010 02:20

i just bought a pair of these, my hockey friends and boyfriend said there super light and fast and they were dead on! these skates are wicked fast and super light, if u care about speed, these are the skates for you.

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