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The X: 15 hockey skate is a low-cost offering in Bauer's Vapor line.

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excellent energy transfer gets you moving right away

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feel light enough to not wear you out or hold you back

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boot is stiff and keeps your ankle locked in the right position

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built durably, can handle heavy use for a long time without wearing out

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blade can handle a lot of use before it needs re-sharpening

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good protection against fast pucks and other player's skates

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feel comfortable all around the foot, mold themselves to the foot right away

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The X:15 hockey skate is a low-cost offering in Bauer's Vapor line. Like the X:05 model, the X:15's upper is woven nylon with a thermoformed X-Rib pattern that ensures a firm, comfortable fit. Like many of Bauer's mid-priced offerings, the X:15 has microfiber lining. The embossed heel cup and insta-form foam ankle pads provide the foot support that Bauer equips all their hockey skates with. The footbed of the X:15 is molded EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), which will contribute to a comfortable fit. The outer of this skate is TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber), like the X:05 model, but the X:15's dual density design offers more protection for your foot. There are size options available for the Bauer Vapor X:15 hockey skate.

  • Size options
  • Dual density beveled TPR outer
  • TUUK Lighspeed Pro blade holder
  • TUUK Stainless steel blade runner
  • Woven nylon upper w/ thermoformed X-Rib pattern
  • Microfiber lining
  • Embossed heel cup
  • Insta-form foam ankle pads
  • 2-piece felt tongue
  • Molded EVA footbed
Size Options
  • Senior -  6-12 full and half, D/EE widths
  • Junior - 1-5 full and half, D/EE widths
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