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The One40 is a lower-mid cost offering in Bauer's Supreme line of hockey skates.

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shape themselves to your foot right away, no lengthy break-in

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good ankle support, prevents twisting

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good protection from the impact of a fast-moving puck

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comfortable fit is snug but doesn't pinch

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excellent energy transfer, everything is transferred into speed

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light materials, won't tire you out by the end of the game

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blade needs to be sharpened when you get them, ship dull

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The One40 is a lower-mid cost offering in Bauer's Supreme line of hockey skates. The upper of this skate is 3D TrueForm PU (PolyUrethane), which will form to the shape of your foot. Like the low-cost Bauer Supreme One20 model, the One40 has microfiber lining. Also like the One20, the One40 has a form fit EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) footbed. It also does not have the molded Superfit footbed of the upper-level Supreme offerings. With the exterior embossed heel cup and anafrom ankle pads, your foot has support throughout. The One40 does not have the water-resistant hydrophobic liner of the higher-end Supremes. The One40's upper is not thermoformable like all the Supremes from One60 and up. Like all the Supremes except the One20, the One40 has a two-piece tongue with metatarsal guard, which will protect the front of your foot from pucks and sticks. There are size options available for the Bauer Supreme One40s.

  • Size options
  • 3D Trueform PU upper
  • Microfiber lining
  • Exterior embossed heel cup
  • Anaform fit form ankle pads
  • 2-piece felt tongue w/ metatarsal guard
  • Form-fit EVA footbed
  • Dual-density beveled TPR outsole
  • TUUK Lightspeed Pro blade holder
  • TUUK Super stainless steel blade runner
Size Options
  • Senior -  6-12 full and half, D/EE widths
  • Junior - 1-5.5 full and half, D/EE widths
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