Basis helps you Get Fit, Sleep Better, and Stress Less with the most advanced health tracker in the world.

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Basis helps you Get Fit, Sleep Better, and Stress Less with the most advanced health tracker in the world. Basis paints a more comprehensive picture of your health than other single-sensor fitness trackers by using multiple sensors that track heart rate, temperature, perspiration, motion, and more. Our Body IQ technology takes the hassle out of tracking and turns all that rich data into simple, relevant insights like REM/Deep Sleep and Resting Heart Rate that are personalized just for you. But all of the data in the world does you no good if you can’t act on it, so Basis goes beyond just data capture. It helps you incorporate small changes in your daily routine that have a powerful impact on your health. Armed with these healthy habits, you’ll easily get to the next level with your fitness, sleep, and stress goals. Find the Superhuman in you, with Basis.

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  • The most advanced health tracker in the world! Uses 4 sensors, including an Optical Blood Flow Sensor that captures continuous heart rate on your wrist 24/7, Resting Heart Rate during sleep and insights into Stress.
  • Powered by Body IQ technology, Basis automatically analyzes and displays Fitness Activities, like walking, running and biking with the right caloric burn credits. Also goes further than other trackers with Advanced Sleep Analysis of REM and Deep sleep.
  • Data and powerful insights available on your online dashboard. Wireless syncing with select iOS and Android phones, as well as with your PC or Mac.
  • Advanced doesn"t mean complex. Our Healthy Habits system helps you set small goals around changes to your daily routine, that add up to a large outcome.
  • The 2014 Carbon Steel Ed. is upgraded for a luxurious fit/finish and is water resistant. Note that Basis is intended as complement and not as a replacement for workout-centric, chest strap-based heart rate monitors.
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Intelligent & Future-Proof

Waiting for the next-generation activity tracker or smartwatch? It’s already here with Basis. Not only does Basis have more sensors than other health trackers, giving it a better understanding of how your body is really doing, it's also more intelligent through our proprietary Body IQ technology. Body IQ automatically recognizes and displays your favorite activities, like walking, running, and biking, as well as sleep. It ensures you get credit for those activities in real-time, including your caloric burn, with no need to push buttons, switch modes, or tag activities. No other device provides this level of intelligence. Even better, Basis gets many free Body IQ upgrades regularly which means you never have to worry about your purchase losing value. And you’ll continue to see new, market-leading features.

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Fits Seamlessly Into Your Life

Intelligent doesn't mean complicated. Just charge it up and wear it. Basis does the rest. From the very beginning, our team of software and hardware product designers crafted Basis to fit seamlessly into your life and play well with other things you love. Each device includes wireless syncing with select iOS and Android phones, as well as with your PC or Mac. Basis is water resistant so it can go everywhere you want to go, rain or shine. Designed as a lifestyle health tracker to complement exercise-focused heart rate monitors, the Basis band's rechargeable battery lasts over four days and comes with a quick-charge USB Connector. Finally, we know that looking good goes hand-in-hand with feeling good. So, we designed a range of accessories to personalize your Basis band for work, rest, or play.

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Better Data About Your Health

With 4+ sensors compared to most single-sensor devices, Basis paints a more scientific picture of your health, tracking heart rate, motion, temperature & more. Our regularly-upgraded Body IQ technology simplifies all that data so all you have to do is wear Basis. It does all the work.

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Get Fit

Body IQ automatically detects your favorite activities like walking, running and outdoor biking in real-time on your wrist. It also gives you the right caloric burn credit for those activities. Basis is designed as a lifestyle fitness tracker and complements your exercise-focused heart rate monitor.

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Stress Less

Elevated heart rate can be an indicator of stress. With real-time heart rate on your wrist, Basis helps you uncover stressful moments that you may not even have previously noticed. With some simple breathing exercises, Basis helps you stay cool under pressure.

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What Users Are Saying

Users compliment the ultimate fitness tracking provided by Basis and praise how it creates a better, healthier routine.

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Sleep Better

Body IQ delivers real sleep analysis so you can truly understand your Deep / REM / Light Sleep, Toss-and-turn, Sleep Score, and Interruptions. Basis automatically figures out when you go to bed and wake up with no buttons to push and ‘modes’ to set. No other tracker enables this level of analysis

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Personalize Your Band

Attractive, comfortable, customizable, our selection of designer bands and accessories will complement your tracksuit, your business suit, your bathing suit, even your birthday suit. Find the perfect accessory, for your diverse lifestyle.

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What'd Included

  • Basis Health Tracker For Activity, Sleep & Stress
  • Carbon Steel Strap
  • USB Connector
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this water resistant to 50 meters?

    I don't believe so. You can take a shower with it but I don't think you could swim. And I definitely wouldn't five with it

  • Does it have a vibration only alarm to wake you up in the morning?

    From my research, it does not have a vibration alarm.

  • What exactly is improved in the band in this 2014 edition vs the previous one? I have super small wrist. Which one fits better?

    Hello! Our Carbon Steel Edition is the culmination of improvements made to the band combined with a premium look, feel and fit. Both bands will get updated with new features as our system and approach allows us to continually upgrade your experience. Side note: One of the improvements to the 2014 Carbon Steel Edition is to make the straps suitable for various wrist sizes. We've had quite a bit of feedback from customers with small wrists praising the Carbon Steel Edition.

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