No more unsightly mess of tangled cables with this cable organizer.

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No more unsightly mess of tangled cables! No more need to use elastic bands or zip ties to wrap your cables! With 80" of cable management sleeve you can make multiple sleeves to keep the cords in your home and office completely organized. These sleeves will also protect cords from being damaged by pedestrian traffic or ruined by chewing pets.

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Smart Stylish Design

With a reversible Black or White stylish color design our cord sleeves will match any home decor by keeping the array of multi-colored cords hidden. The 1.2" diameter sleeve will ensure you can bundle many cables in one sleeve. However, if you need more space for extra cables, no problem, simply join two cable sleeves to double the diameter.

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  • No more messy cables, the cable management sleeve will keep your office and home neat & tidy with no more tangled cables causing an unsightly mess
  • The 1.2" diameter sleeve will ensure you can bundle many cables in one sleeve
  • The lengthy 80" cable organizers can be cut into several sleeves for multiple use while the reversible black & white colors will match any decor
  • Cut to any required length and create intermediate holes along the sleeve to exit cables where required. Join multiple sleeves to bundle even more cables
  • Made from highly durable & flexible neoprene, capable of bundling multiple cables without tearing while protecting cords from foot traffic and chewing pets
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee & 12 Month Replacement Warranty ensures customer satisfaction
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