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The BABTT4073 model uses the same titanium tourmaline material heating plates with exception to their total 1-1/2" (5") size.

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comb in the middle instead of on the outside creates consistent, even results

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steam enhances the smoothness of the hair without causing frizz

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often straightens in a single pass, very fast

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water in the iron lasts a long time, only needs to be refilled every 3-4 full head applications

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smooth action avoids pulling your hairs out

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generally very safe, won't burn the hair

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as effective as other more expensive professional hair straighteners

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comes with a silicon pad to rest the iron between passes - simple and effective solution to the job

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water chamber is difficult to fill, takes awhile to fill up

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The TT Tourmaline BABTT4073 is a high-end straightening iron designed by BaByliss PRO for professionals working in a commercial hair styling environment. BaByliss PRO designed the BABTT4073 model to include the same basic body form and design colors as their TT Tourmaline series of products; however this particular device is much larger and offers much more in the way of features. The BABTT4073 model uses the same titanium tourmaline material heating plates with exception to their total 1-1/2" (5") size. Because the heating plates are larger, BaByliss claims the BABTT4073 model "gets the job done faster" than other TT series models. The plates are heated by a ceramic heater, and the BABTT4073 device includes a lock-in housing stand that provides a much faster heat-up and also convenient storage.

The TT Tourmaline BABTT4073 includes a unique heating plate structure that is also designed to moisturize and condition hair during operation besides the usual straightening function. The BABTT4073 model, like the BABTT2655 and BABTT2658 models, is also equipped with a fully detachable comb which can help detangle and collect hair during operation. The BaByliss PRO TT Tourmaline BABTT4073 includes additional features such as 40 varying heat settings for custom styling with a maximum temperature setting of 465 degrees Fahrenheit, and a "Ryton" plastic grip encasing which resists high-heat for both safety and convenience during use. The BABTT4073 straightening iron is sold with a limited 4 year manufacturer's warranty that is provided by BaByliss PRO.

  • High-end Straightening Iron
  • Large 1-1/2" Plate Size
  • Titanium Tourmaline Heat Plates
    • Ionic Function Support
    • Seals Up Hair Cuticle
    • 465 Degree Fahrenheit Limit
    • Moisturize and Conditions During Use
  • 40 Varying Heat Settings
  • Detachable Hair Comb
  • "Ryton" Grip and Handle
  • Includes Housing Stand
  • Limited 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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