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A high-end straightening iron designed by BaByliss Pro to mimic the style and function of their entire GT Gold Titanium series.

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makes even naturally curly hair smooth and silky with no frizz

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works on the first pass every time, don't need to keep re-doing it

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maintains a steady temperature at whatever you set it to

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heats up quickly, can get full heat in less than a minute

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doesn't need the aid of any chemical straightener

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well balanced to make it easy to handle as you work

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off switch offers nice peace of mind that you don't have to play with the dial to be positive its off

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doesn't leave hair looking dried or fried in most cases

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gets hot enough that, for some, applying a spray-on heat protectant is going to be necessary to avoid singed hair

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The GT Gold Titanium BABGT3075 is a high-end straightening iron designed by BaByliss Pro to mimic the style and function of their entire GT Gold Titanium series products. The GT Series is meant to be used by professionals in a commercial hair styling environment, however each device is suitable enough for home and personal use as well. The BABGT3075 model is a standard 1" straightening iron equipped with a ceramic heater which BaByliss claims "heats up instantly to ultra-high temperatures". The GT BABGT3075 model is manufactured with gold titanium material heating plates that support a maximum 450 degree Fahrenheit temperature limit. BaByliss claims the unique materials allow the device to provide "exceptional style and client comfort" simultaneously.

The BaByliss PRO GT Gold Titanium BABGT3075 straightening iron includes additional features such as 30 varying heat settings for custom styling levels, a rubberized grip and handle tip which BaByliss claims provides and "easy grip", and a unique "instant recovery" function that cools the device down quickly after use. The BABGT3075 model, like all GT Gold Titanium Series models, includes a limited 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • High-end Straightening Iron
  • Standard 1" Body Size
  • Gold Titanium Heat Plates
    • Even Heat Distribution
    • Corrosion Resistance
    • Close Scalp Grip/ Straightens Roots
    • 450 Degree Fahrenheit Limit
  • 30 Varying Heat Settings
  • Rubberized Grip and Handle
  • Instant "Cool-down" Recovery Function
  • Limited 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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