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The Babolat Overdrive 110 is a mid-cost tennis racquet geared toward mid-level players.

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Crisp followthrough on most shots

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Easy to control spin on mid- and longshots

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Convenient for slower players, heaviness adds momentum to weaker swings

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Helps players produce high-powered baseline shots

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Great power when returning hard serves

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Can compound tennis elbow problems

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Difficult fast volley returns

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Maneuverability suffers at the net due to weight and oversized head

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The Babolat Overdrive 110 is a mid-cost tennis racquet geared toward mid-level players. This model differs from the lower cost Overdrive 105 model in a few ways. First, it has a larger head size (110 square inches as opposed to 105 square inches), as well as a longer length (27.5 inches as opposed to 27 inches). Another difference is that while the Overdrive 105 offers the ergonomic SmartGrip as an optional add-on, the Overdrive 110 comes stock with it, but offers Smart Kit as an optional add-on. Smart Kit consists of two thermo-foam pads plus a replacement grip, and is designed to match the contours of your hand for optimum comfort. A final major difference between the two models is the Overdrive 110's even balance point, which encourages a compact swing. The Overdrive 105 has a one point head light balance point, which makes for easy spin. This model lacks the Woofer feature of the Overdrive 105, which helps you with ball control by increasing contact with the strings.  

  • 110 square inch head size
  • 27.5" length
  • Graphite composition
  • Balance: 350mm/EVEN
  • 16 x 20 stringing pattern
  • Cortex vibration filtering system
  • Smart grip
  • Straight handle (optional)
  • Smart Grip
  • Smart Kit (optional)
  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
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