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The Babolat Overdrive 105 is an all graphite tennis racquet geared toward mid-level players looking for a comfortable feel.

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maneuverable enough to get it where you need it quickly

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built durable enough for regular use, will hold up for a few years

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lots of pop on the serve, makes serves fairly easy

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can generate a fair amount of spin with a little technique

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good power generation, helps get the balls a little deeper

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feels very solid and satisfying on contact, no vibration at all, keeps your arm from getting tired

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spin generation isn't extreme, beginners will have a hard time with it

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The Babolat Overdrive 105 is an all graphite tennis racquet geared toward mid-level players looking for a comfortable feel. This racquet is equipped with Woofer technology, which is the industry's first technology to make the frame and strings interact when striking the ball. This technology contributes to both comfort and control. The Cortex vibration filtering system of this racquet only preserves low frequency vibrations that are helpful in racquet feel. To help you get spin on your shots, this model has a one point head light balance point. This is one of the differences between this model and the higher cost Overdrive 110, which has an even balance point. The other differences are size (the Overdrive 110 is both longer and larger than the Overdrive 105), and grip (the Overdrive 105 offers the adjustable SmartGrip as an optional add-on while the Overdrive 110 comes stock with it, offering the more sophisticated Smart Kit grip as an optional add-on).

  • 105 square inch head size
  • 27" length
  • Graphite composition
  • Balance: 340mm/1 pt. HL
  • 16 x 19 stringing pattern
  • Cortex vibration filtering system
  • Woofer
  • Straight handle (optional)
  • Smart Grip (optional)
  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
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