Activity center with four busy sides and one zany top.

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Activity center with four busy sides and one zany top. This colorful wooden cube from B. Zany has a zoo theme that will delight your child. Loopty-loo routes and zigzag paths with spinners will keep children entertained for hours while they learn shapes and colors.

Zany Zoo is a wonderfully colorful cube that simply bristles with fun and activities. It has beautifully illustrated animals from A to Z. It also includes looping routes for a child to wind through, zigzag paths to race up and down, and spinners that spin. The cube was designed and manufactures to be truly child resistant - manufacturer claims that the toy is so durable that even little kids can play with it. Playing with the zany zoo cube, your child will improve hand-eye coordination, and will also help with shape and color identification skills. This colorful cube will delight both younger and older children, and the complex paths will keep the toy fresh. 

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  • Doors to open, friends to find and beautifully illustrated animals from A to Z
  • Loopty-loo routes for you to wind through
  • Zigzag paths to race up and down
  • Spinners to spin and spin and spin and spin
  • Beautiful die-cut display box with gift tag
  • Monkey see, monkey do... but you’re no monkey—you’re you
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Choking Hazard -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Care and Cleaning

Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the activity top come off? I am wondering how to clean the interior to keep dust away.

    No, but there is no bottom, so it's hollow on the inside. You'd just have to lay it flat on one side to get into it.

  • I'm considering buying this or Alex's Busy Town for my almost 1 year old. does this one have a rotating base or does it stand sturdy on the floor?

    It stands sturdy on the floor. In fact, it's VERY sturdy. My son is 2 yo now and has recently gotten good at pulling the wooden knobs up the zigzag slots. At 1 yo, he played more with the balls on the rails up top and liked me moving the wooden animals around and making them talk. He also like spinning the alphabet tiles. The doors with animals behind them and rolling animals that you match up the top and bottom halves have always been interesting to him.

  • What are the dimensions?

    The base is just a hair under 12 in. length x 11.5 in height. The wire activity top adds another 6 in.

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