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Audiovox's DV1201 Home Theatre System is an entry-level 5.1 setup.

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Excellent option for users who frequency watch import/out-of-region DVDs - NTSC/PAL format switch provides native support of foreign content

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Radio tuning capabilities are excellent - integrated tuner is capable of playing back stations far beyond the reach of many dedicated radio units

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Included remote control is inconsistent and awkward to use - commonly requires several attempts to register a successful key command, with a crowded layout inhibiting user experience

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Built-in cabinet fan is very loud - may cause considerable user distraction, especially throughout spoken-word dialogue content

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DVD playback is seemingly inconsistent - several users report component malfunction within as little as 6 months of use

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Speakers appear highly-prone to static/feedback issues - possible due to poor build quality/lack of grounded wire connections

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Many users report cabinet fan failure, and potential total unit failure within as little as 100 days - not conducive to the unit's 90-day limited warranty

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 Audiovox's DV1201 Home Theatre System is an entry-level 5.1 setup. The 300-watt system includes five identical satellite speakers and one subwoofer. Includes one composite A/V input, and outputs include component video, composite RCA, S-video and digital coaxial. It plays DVDs or CDs and includes a digital AM/FM radio with a 20-preset storage capacity. It includes a remote control and the system is Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II compatible. The DV1201 is on the low end of Audiovox's home theatre selection, though it is relatively inexpensive.

  • MSRP: $119.99
  • Release Date: September 2004
  • 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System
  • Dolby Digital/Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound capable
  • One composite A/V input
  • Composite RCA, S-video, digital coaxial, composite video output
  • DVD/CD player
  • Digital AM/FM radio with 20 presets
  • Progressive scanning capabilities
  • 300-watt peak power output
  • Includes speaker cables/wiring
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