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The D2 VF 82 Sport are skis from Atomic's 2009/2010 piste lineup.

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Skis very well in powder, yet handles groomers like it was on rails. Stiff when you need it, yet soft enough to ride all day when you wanna cruise. A beautiful one arrow in the quiver kinda ski.

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At 82mm, this was 2mm wider than my Rossi Scratch twin tips and 7mm than the Salomon Scream Hots I skied regularly. It took most of the morning to get dialed in on the characteristics of the VF's. Once programmed though, I haven't skied those previous ones in 5 weekends to the snow.

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The D2 VF 82 Sport are skis from Atomic’s 2009/2010 piste lineup. The “D2” is an abbreviation for double deck, where “VF” is an abbreviation for vario flex. Vario flex refers to the ski’s densolite core, which has been constructed to allow the ski to automatically adjust to the speed and style of the skier. The “82” refers to the waist width, which is naturally wider than similar 72 models in Atomic’s double deck product line. Between the individual decks lies an elastomer layer which reacts to pressure. When the skis are stressed, the elastomer stiffens, therefore increasing their stability and thus giving the rider better overall control on the slopes. This technology allows for better control at low speeds, and can assist with acceleration out of turns. As the Sport model, these skis have added flair in the form of a styled black and red design.

  • Terrain: Piste (drive)
  • Vario flex densolite core
  • Double deck construction
  • Freegliding control deck
  • Rubber elastomer
  • Neox TL 12 bindings
  • Neox Tooless plate
  • Lengths: 156/164/172/180
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