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The Atomic Cloud 7 is a mid-cost alpine ski, designed for use by women.

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grips icy patches well, nice edge on them

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handles bumps smoothly, good stability at moderate speeds

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lots of flex, moves with you right away

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built very light, easy to carry and grab air whenever you want

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very cool graphics, subtle but better looking the more you look at them

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not quite responsive enough for black diamond skiing

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chatter along the front when at higher speeds, gets a bit unstable

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The Atomic Cloud 7 is a mid-cost alpine ski, designed for use by women. In promotion, Atomic emphasizes the fact that the Cloud 7 is lightweight, and offers optimum turning compliancy. The cap fibre core helps to make this ski lightweight but durable. The LightTrak plate of this ski also helps to keep the weight down. The turning control offered by this ski is thanks to the flex zones on the tip and tail, which allow you to handle it precisely. The traditional camber shape of this ski offers stability and grip, even on ice. The 70mm waist of this ski is on the wider side, and is ideal for skiers who are just starting out, as it offers easy balance. There are several size options available for the piste-oriented Atomic Cloud 7.   

  • Color: Black
  • Women's model
  • Tip/tail flex zones
  • Lightweight
  • Piste design
  • Cap fibre core construction
  • XTL 9 Lady bindings
  • LighTrak plate
  • Camber construction
  • 70mm waist width
  • Size options
Size Options
  • 142 - 113mm tip width, 94.5mm tail width, 12m radius
  • 149 - 115mm tip width, 97mm tail width, 12.5m radius
  • 156 - 116.5mm tip width, 99mm tail width, 13m radius
  • 163 - 118mm tip width, 101mm tail width, 13.5m radius
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