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A different version of a traditional skateboard that is made for more efficient carving.

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The Atom Longboard rides very smoothly.

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It doesn't make hardly any noise or movement when hitting bumps or cracks.

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The board has great control at higher speeds.

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The board doesn't have any concave so there isn't anywhere to lock your feet in on the board.

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There is no edge on the board for going fast around corners.

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The longboard is too bouncy.

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The Atom Drop-Through Longboard is a different version of a traditional skateboard that is made for more efficient carving. The perimeter shape gives this low board 9.6-inches of turning leverage. This drop style longboard has a "no wheel bite guarantee".

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  • Low-riding longboard 
  • Perimeter shape gives 9.6-inches of leverage into turns
  • Maple laminate deck
  • Reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks with 245-millimeter axles
  • Limited one-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 70-by-51-millimeter urethane wheels
  • 80S grip tape
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About Atom

Atom was established in 1993 in Colorado Springs. Their boards are made by MBS. They are the leaders in the sport of mountainboarding which was developed so that the snowboard season could be enjoyed year round. They make carveboards, longboards, and skateboards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this board hold 230 lbs.?

    Yes, this is a very sturdy board with a little flex.

  • Are the wheels on this longboard rounded or flat? How can you tell which end is the front?

    The wheels are flat. The front has the pointed nose and the rear has a more rounded edge.

  • What kind of bearings are used in this board?

    They are the stock bearings used by MBS.

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