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Introduced in the middle of September 2008, the Radeon HD 4670 is a mainstream graphics card from ATI.

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as fast as the previous generation performance card

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low heat and power consumption

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good for HTPC (not full length, single slot, can be cooled passively)

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faster but cheaper compared to the 9500GT

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poor availability

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a little expensive compared to the 9600GT

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no passive options - almost all fan-based options have small noisy fans

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took too long to be launched

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poor driver availability within the first 2 months of launch

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Introduced in the middle of September 2008, the Radeon HD 4670 is a mainstream graphics card from ATI. Based on the latest 4000 series R700 GPU, the 4670 is based on the same 55nm fabrication process, comes with 512MB or 1GB of memory and has a 128bit memory bus. While considerably handicapped by the poor bus width, performance in the latest games remains quite high on lower resolutions. Aimed at competing with Nvidia's mainstream 9500GT offering, the 4670 outperforms it by quite a large margin, almost matching the 9600 GSO and GT in a variety of games and benchmarks, and matching the previous generation performance model from AMD, the 3850 - all while using considerably less energy and producing far less heat. Rated at a maximum 75W TDP, the 4670 does not require any additional power connections. Sadly, while the card has captured the attention of many for introducing great performance for a relatively low price, its launch has been rather lackluster, only seeing 2-3 companies release cards within the first couple weeks of launch.

  • GPU: RV730 XT, 750MHz
  • Texture Units: 32
  • ROPs: 8
  • Transistors: 514M
  • VRAM: 512MB GDDR3 @ 2000MHz or 1GB DDR3 @ 1800MHz, 128bit interface
  • TDP:
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04/06/2009 03:15

Well - I went out and bought the Sapphire version of the card. The drivers work nicely, and the fan slows to 3% at idle (47C) so very nice! However, it is still clearly audible in my system. I also bought the Accelero S1, but I don't know if I should mount a fan on it, or if it can even be mounted on the 4670 at all.

Edit: I did end up mounting the S1. Very pleased. Completely silent, idles at 40C and only gets up to 55C in a hot room.

10/17/2008 06:30

Up until yesterday there were no official drivers for this card. IMO that's complete shit. Something was clearly wrong with the ASUS version I picked up and I returned it after bricking it with an official BIOS update. Don't think I want a video card with active cooling either way... Still highly recommended though if you can believe that :)

09/22/2008 10:16

In jan 08 i use 7900GS, and today i'am using HD 4670.

this is awsome Vcard!, i love pc game, and this is my other lover after my wive

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