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The ATI FirePro V4800 is a high entry-level video card for gaming and CAD work.

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Small (single slot design) and easy on the power (69 Watts on average).

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Great performance in Rhino3d, Sketchup, Revit, PRO/E 3d models and AutoCAD while still offering some mild gaming performance.

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Easy to install, gets automatically detected and drivers are found quickly; further update drivers are easy to locate.

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Despite having the physical connectors for a CrossFire bridge, this card does NOT support CrossFire.

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Only 1 dual link DVI output (comes with a single link adapter for its DisplayPorts).

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You need to register the card with ATI/AMD to get a full warranty but the websites listed in the enclosed paperwork either no longer exist or don't have a link to register.

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Tends to get really hot if pushed too hard (upwards of 94 degrees Celsius).

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The ATI FirePro V4800 is a high entry-level video card for gaming and CAD work. This is similar to the ATI FirePro V3800, but has been scaled up in a number of ways to be slightly faster. Despite the changes, this is still a relatively light-duty video card and not a proper fit for hardcore gaming enthusiasts. The processor speed has been increased to 0.62 teraflops, and the system is now supported by 1GB of faster GDDR5 memory. There are now 3 outputs built in, allowing up to 3 independent 30 inch displays to be supported. ATI Eyefinity technology has also been added to allow multiple screens to share a single desktop space. This card uses a single PCI-E slot, and consumes an average of 69 Watts of power.

  • Redwood GPU
  • Stream processors: 400
  • 0.62 Teraflops
  • 1GB GDDR5 memory, 57.6 GB/s
  • DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0 hardware support
  • Up to 3 independent 30 in displays
  • ATI Eyefinity technology
  • Dual-link DVI, 2 x DisplayPort
  • DP-sDVI included
  • FH/HL form factor, 1 slot, PCI-E 2.0 compliant
  • Power: 69 Watts
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