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It is a sub-woofer with a 10" downward facing driver powered by a 100 W amplifier with a peak power rating of 400 W.

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Decent power output - 100 W continuous power

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Huge 10" bass driver

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Dual ports reduce vent noise

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Downward facing driver - more flexible room placement, higher efficiency, less susceptible to damage

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Cheap audio amplifier that is prone to failure

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The Athena AS-P4100 is a sub-woofer with a 10" downward facing driver powered by a 100 W amplifier with a peak power rating of 400 W. It has dual vented ports: one facing downward, and the other facing outward. It has a variable low-pass cut-off point set between 40 - 120 Hz and the sub-woofer itself has a reported frequency response of 23 - 120 Hz (+/- 3 dB). There is a auto-on/auto-off convenience feature that powers the sub-woofer automatically in the presence (or lack of presence) of an audio signal.

Features / Specifications
  • Down-firing subwoofer with built-in 100-watt amplifier
  • 10" down-firing bass woofer with injection molded cone, rubber surround, 1.5" voice coil, and 28-ounce magnet
  • ports: dual, front and bottom
  • variable low pass filter
  • SCT selection for easy integration with Athena speakers
  • power: 100-watt continuous, 400-watt peak
  • frequency response: 23 Hz to 120 Hz +/- 3 dB
  • dimensions: 17.5" high, 11.5" wide, 18" deep
  • weight: 28 lbs.
Integration with a surround system

The SCT selection system on this sub-woofer is a proprietary technology made by Athena that allows you to match your sub-woofer to your front speakers used in your surround-system. Match the variable low-pass crossover point to your Athena fronts model number.

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12/20/2007 04:04

I was watching The Matador last night with my family. It was the first time we all sat down and watched a movie with my setup, and at the beginning when the car exploded everybody jumped because the sound of the explosion had such an impact. I just had a huge smile on my face in the satisfaction that buying this subwoofer was totally worth it. I mean, this thing is about 100x more overkill than anything I need it for, but considering the deal I got (the one that Erik linked to) I'm not complaining with the benefits it gives!

It really is friggin huge though.

12/13/2007 01:07

This is paired with the 4 x LS-50 (front/surround) and 1 x LC-C50 (center) and the whole package is available for a great price from Futureshop @ $300. [link]. If you were to buy all the speakers separately, it would cost you at least US$500.

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