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The game tells the story of Kya, a young woman who lives on earth in a house with her half brother, Frank.

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Battle funny enemies that are also fun to fight.

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Never gets old.

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The graphics are still great even after 3 years since it's been out.

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Adventure through beautiful worlds

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Great, calming music!

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Unique story.

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Use the wind to travel!

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Surf down slopes

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It's possible to get trapped in such a way that death is the only escape

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The Camera can be very glitchy and sometimes hides kya from the screen.

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The ending was a cliffhanger and there is no sequel comming! currently

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Kya: Dark Lineage (also known as Kya: Fury of Brazul in some countries)

The game tells the story of Kya, a young woman who lives on earth in a house with her half brother, Frank. One day Frank, and later Kya, find a secret room. In the room, Frank finds an object and places it on a pedestal; a vortex appears and sucks Kya and Frank in.

Kya finds herself looking at strange creatures that tell her to get up and quickly run away from the area she is in, becuase evil creatures called Wolfen are chasing after them. When Kya and the only remaining creature ( named Aton ) get to safety, they devise a plan to get rid of a Wolfen close by, by using Kya as bait to trick the Wolfen into going in a trap. The creature reveals himself as a species called Nativs, and brings Kya to the secret village of Nativ City to meet Atea, who may be able to help Kya get back to her world.

Atea explains that the Wolfen are merely mutated Nativs, mutated by Brazul, Kya's father who disappeared years ago. Kya resolves to save Frank and is introduced to Akasa, who teaches her how to fight using a mystical Fighting Bracelet, which greatly enhances her strength. Kya is blessed with a power which allows her to exorcize unconscious Wolfen and transform them back into Nativs.

Atea agrees to help Kya find her half-brother Frank. Kya learns she must find a magical Medallion which will allow her to return to her own universe. The medallion was split into seven Runes, emblems made of pure energy, which must be housed in a special amulet. Atea tells Kya that before kya can find the Medallion, Runes and Frank that they must obtain a Blue Egg, which contains a creature called a Galbos.

Eventually, Kya discovers that Frank is being held in Brazul's laboratory, and she assaults the complex to rescue him.

*After you reach Nativ Village for the first time, Atea tells you to go buy a weapon. In the cutscene, Kya already has the Basic Boomy, although she has not purchased it yet. Once the gameplay begins, the boomy disappears.

*When kya buys her silver bracelet in nativ city, it is black inside the shop until she buys it.

*When atea is captured by wolfun/wolfen, you can see him walking around the city.

*The game was originally to have a sequel, but due to the poor ratings, the idea was scraped,Eden Games actually began production of a sequel, or an interview in which someone from the developer (Eden Games) or publisher (Atari) explicitly stated "We were going to make a sequel, but the game had bad sales so we decided not to do so." While the ending of the game leaves it open to a sequel, it's just as likely that Atari asked Eden Games to keep the ending open for a sequel in case the game became a smash hit.

*Kya is the only known female in the entire game, although it is unsure if the Nativs have two genders, or if any of the Nativs in the streets of Nativ city are female. It could perhaps be stated that Kya is the only significant female character.
*There are 260 wolfen that Kya can turn back into nativs, and yet you only meet around 20 or less nativs in nativ city, in the entire game.

*In the anime Naruto, the character called Tenten is a weapons expert. In episode 43, Tenten takes out a scroll full of weapons and shoots an array of different weapons at an enemy. Two of the weapons resemble Kya's boomy, except they were both metal and one did not have a handle, even though she does in fact throw two weapons similar to kya's boomy it is just coincidence.The insane number of weapons Tenten uses (as well as the variety of them) means that the weapons mentioned couldn't possibly be like that on purpose. Additionally, the release schedule makes it likely that it's just random coincidence.

* There is a skippable scene that involves the Jamgut whistle. In order for Kya to skip this scene. Kya must buy a jamgut whistle before she goes to the Hunters Domain. Then when she goes to Hunters Domain she must ride a Jamgut since Kya has the whistle already. Kya can not go back to Nativ City; it is safe to go back to Nativ City after another scene or if Atea communicates with Kya through Stuff.

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08/13/2012 12:42

desculpe se alguem tiver o dois me mande

08/13/2012 12:41

amei esse jogo quero o 2 quem tb quer ajude a divulgar por Q ele fez pouco sucesso mas se todos ajudarem a divulgar quem sb eles não fazem o dois ou vcs vão quere fc na duvida de como e o final dessa história emocionante!!!!!se alguem tiver o dois me mande

05/29/2008 07:43

Kya Dark Lineage is a great game with beautiful worlds funny enemies and much more! if you haven't gotten this game i highly reccomend that you get it!

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