The Asus Xonar DX is a mid-range discrete PC audio card similar to the Asus Xonar D1.

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The Asus Xonar DX is a mid-range discrete PC audio card similar to the Asus Xonar D1. The Xonar DX sports one major improvement over the D1: support for 7.1 channel audio (the D1 supports up to 5.1 channels). However, the DX lacks the D1's S/PDIF header for video card HDMI audio consolidation. Otherwise, the two cards sport the same basic features, including: VocalFX voice processing technologies, DS3D GX 2.0 sound processing and Dolby Home Theatre technologies.

The Xonar DX's VocalFX voice processing technologies provide superior online voice communication compared to integrated sound cards with cleaner audio (by way of ChatEX and VoiceEX) and voice manipulation options (Magic Voice). Its DS3D GX 2.0 sound processing provides the Xonar DX with sound quality approximately 35 times cleaner than integrated sound cards (116dB SNR as opposed to 85dB SNR). Meanwhile, the Xonar DX's Dolby Home Theatre technologies provide boosted audio performance; for example, Dolby Prologic IIX allows 2 speaker setups to sound closer to 5.1 channel setups by way of virtual speakers.


  • 7.1 channel audio
  • Dolby Home Theatre technologies for enhanced performance
  • VocalFX technologies for clearer online voice communication
  • 1/35 (2.8%) the noise levels of standard motherboard cards
  • 1/32 (-105dB) of the total harmonics distortion of motherboard cards
  • Approximately 35 times cleaner audio quality (116dB SNR) than most motherboard audio (85dB SNR)
  • DS3D GX 2.0 sound processing
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