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The Asus VH202T-P is a 20" widescreen LCD monitor from Asus' VH Series for 2008.

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automatic contrast and color adjustment - a feature commonly found on HDTVs

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includes all required cables - VGA, DVI and 1/8" mini stereo cable

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matte screen - won't reflect nearby light sources

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3 year warranty from Asus - longer than most manufacturers

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not fully HD compliant - can display 720p video content only

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button used to change user profiles is cheap feeling

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included stand isn't very ergonomical - can only tilt forward/backwards

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integrated 1 watt speakers are underpowered and tinny at high volumes

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glossy black cabinet - shows finger prints and can attract dust

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The Asus VH202T-P is a 20" widescreen LCD monitor from Asus' VH Series for 2008.  The monitor features a native resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels and a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1.  It offers a 16:9 aspect ratio for undistorted widescreen graphics and has a 5ms response time making it suitable for applications such as gaming.  The VH202T-P utilizes ASCR and Splended Video Intelligence technologies for automatic color and contrast adjustment to provide optimal image quality.  The monitor is designed with a tilting screen, built-in 1-Watt stereo speakers, and includes VGA, D-Sub and DVI connectors.  It is environmentally friendly, manufactured according to GreenASUS standards and is both EPEAT Gold and Energy Star qualified.  The VH202T-P is wall-mountable and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

  • 20" Widescreen LCD Display
  • 1600 x 900 Resolution
  • 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 300 nits Brightness
  • 5ms Response Time
  • 16:9 Image Aspect Ratio
  • Built-in 1-Watt Stereo Speakers
  • 25-degree Tilting Screen
  • ASCR Technology
  • Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
  • VGA, D-Sub and DVI (with HDCP) Connectors
  • 3.5mm Mini-Jack
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • EPEAT Gold Rating
  • Manufactured According to GreenASUS Standards
  • VESA Wall-Mount Compatible
  • 3 year limited warranty
Post Review
03/25/2013 09:31

I've had this moniter before I knew what Asus was, so a very long time lol.. Great monitor but not a great buy in 2012, It overclocks to 1920 x 1080p in Catalyst Control Center, I suggest the VX238h, If you're reading this today

06/29/2011 04:53

I've had this monitor since June 2009, It has been perfect and has never screwed up. No Idea what the other guy is on about.

Careful Consumer
12/27/2009 05:13

I bought this monitor and it failed the exact same way twice. I looks wonderful out of the box and about 2 months after purchase it just starts going screwy. Within a few days of the first signs of trouble it is ruined. I sent it back to the company and got a brand new replacement. The exact same thing happened in a few months. I have an Acer X203H that I bought as a backup during the shipping back and forth. It has a great picture and so far no problems. What ever you do, DON'T buy the Asus VH202!!!

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