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The LS221H is a 2008 LCD computer monitor from Asus designed with style and class in mind.

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scratch-proof glass screen protector

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includes HDMI port

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capable of displaying 720p media

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stylish leather panel

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expensive for what it is

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no DVI port

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TN panel - fast and cheap to produce/sell at the expense of colour depth and viewing angles

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not 1080p capable

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cheap stand - limited ergonomic features

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The LS221H is a 2008 LCD computer monitor from Asus designed with style and class in mind. The display’s bezel is outfitted with soft brown leather across the lower panel, completed with shiny black metal with a silver accent across the rest of the product. Compared to competing monitors, the LS221H is relatively thin at only 2 inches thick. This display incorporates scratch-proof glass, which is designed protection as well as ambient light filtration to reduce light reflection. The LS221H includes support for HDMI (HDCP) and analog VGA connections, but lacks a DVI port. However, a HDMI-to-DVI cable is included. This monitor also has a 2-millisecond response time, which alleviates blurring with fast moving imagery common in games. General consensus amongst reviewers indicates that the LS221H has poor grayscale performance, unable to display dark grays accurately. Users who have everyday viewing needs, or like to play PC games will likely find this monitor to be a suitable choice.

  • monitor type: 22” diagonal widescreen
  • Native resolution: 1680 x 1050
  • contrast ratio: 4000:1
  • pixel pitch: 0.282mm
  • 2 ms response time
  • 2” thick
  • Wall-mountable
  • Energy Star qualified
  • input: VGA; HDMI (inc. DVI adapter)
  • soft genuine leather panel
  • dimensions: 17.17" Height x 20.91" Width x 9.76" Depth, 15.43 lb
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