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The RT-N13U is a mid-range 802.11n wireless router from Asus.

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A connected HDD is recognized as an FTP server, allowing multiple users to access files simultaneously.

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Setup manager and web-based interface make it easy to get the router up and running for new users.

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Sleek, white design looks great with no antennas poking out due to its hidden antennae design.

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A USB hub can be used to add multiple unique USB peripherals simultaneously--for example, a printer and a hard drive.

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Very low price point for a wireless-N router with FTP server capability.

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Transparent repeater mode can pick up nearby wireless networks and broadcast their SSIDs.

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Cannot be used lying down, only vertically, unlike the majority of routers which allow for both placements.

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Connected hard drives can ONLY be setup as FTP servers, not network drives.

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The RT-N13U is a mid-range 802.11n wireless router from Asus. The device includes a USB port and built-in print server with automatic switching, allowing users on a wireless network to use a multifunction printer simultaneously. The RT-N13U can also be used as a repeater or AP, meaning it can retransmit a wireless router's signal to extend coverage or connect to a wired router and make a wired network wireless. The device also supports simple FTP functionality, allowing users to configure FTP servers with included software. A built-in FTP/HTTP/bittorrent download client enables non-stop downloading, one of several network activities that can be prioritized using EZQoS bandwidth allocation.

  • 802.11b/g/n wireless routing
  • Print server with automatic switching
  • Router/repeater/AP functionality
  • EZQoS network activity prioritization
  • FTP server functionality (Asus AiDisk)
  • Download manager
  • Web-based setup
  • USB port
  • WAN + 4 LAN ports (10/100 ethernet)
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