The Asus N10E is a middle-end laptop.

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The Asus N10E is a middle-end laptop. It is similar to another Asus laptop, the N10J, as both share many features with each other. They both have a 10.2" screen, they both use an Intel Atom CPU, and both CPUs have a clockspeed of 1.6GHz. The N10J has only slight advantages, with minor features such as an HDMI port and the Super Hybrid Engine feature (optimizes both performance and power efficiency). The N10E features Smart Bootup technology, which allows the laptop to fully load the operating system within eight seconds. This helps conserve the battery life, and lets the user quickly access all of their programs and applications. The N10E also features a biometric fingerprint reader, which can keep the laptop locked out to anyone except the user, who can unlock it using their fingerprint. It does this by using small RF signals to detect the user's true fingerprint, underneath the surface of the skin. It also uses the one touch maginification tool to let the user easily zoom in on a document or a web page. This can make text easier to read, as some users may have difficulty reading font on a small screen.

  • 10.2" screen
  • Intel Atom N270
  • 1.6GHz
  • Smart Boot-up technology
  • Biometric fingerprint reader
  • Super hybrid engine
  • Facial recognition
  • One touch magnification tool
  • Windows XP Home Edition
  • Bluetooth technology
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