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The device models will also cost somewhat less than the 1008HA.

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light and small, extremely portable

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great keyboard layout and size - superior to the chicklet style keyboard introduced on the 1000HE

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great battery life, 8-10 hours claimed

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slick enclosure

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user-replaceable battery

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upgradable RAM, unlike most netbook models out there

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expected variety and accessibility of ports - unlike the 1008HA model

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what the 1008HA should have been

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Affordable Price

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Eee storage

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glossy fingerprint magnet, not as luxurious as the alluminum enclosures featured on the 1002HA and 1002HAE

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same old 1024 x 600px resolution

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Intel graphics - no ION option

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two distinct models very close in price and specifications, better just to offer the superior model - further contributes to confusing the consumer

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rather noisy fan

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heavier and thicker than the 1008HA

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still uses the ancient, inefficient and poor Intel 945 Express graphics

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Webcam only 0.3 MP

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Introduced soon after the launch of the 1008HA, the 1005HA is a similar netbook device which consists of two distinct models: the 1005HA-M and the 1005HA-H. Based on the same MacBook Air-esque body as the 1008HA, the 1005HA is slightly thicker, allowing for access to the ports not found on the 1008HA. Similarly, it eliminates the other major annoyance of the 1008HA model, its non user-replacable battery issue. Replacing the lackluster 5-hour battery on the 1008HA, the 1005HA includes longer lasting 10 or 8-hour batteries, which also can be replaced. The device models will also cost somewhat less than the 1008HA. Their differences will be highlighted below:

Models (only differences will be highlighted)

Display: the only difference between the two models is that the 1005HA-H will feature the same glossy display as the 1008HA. The 1005HA-M will feature a non-reflective matte screen.

Processor: The 1005HA-H will feature the latest N280 (1.66GHz) while the 1005HA-M will feature the older N270 (1.6Ghz)

Connectivity: The 1005HA-H will feature Bluetooth, whereas the 1005HA-M will not.

Battery: The 1005HA-H will feature a 6-cell 2800mAh battery rated for 10 hours, whereas the 1005HA-M will feature a 6-cell 2200mAh battery rated for 8.

Price: The 1005HA-H will be priced slightly higher than the 1005HA-M, both will be slightly cheaper than the 1008HA.

  • CPU & RAM: Intel Atom CPU (see above for details), 1GB DDR2
  • Display: 10" LED backlit display, 1024 x 600px
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth (on the 1005HA-H only)
  • Dimensions & Weight: 262 x 178 x 26.5-35.5mm (WxDxH), 1.4kg w/ battery (3.08 pounds)
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06/02/2009 10:38

Will ASUS honor warranty? After 3 months of gentle use, my screen turned into an abstract painting! The non-English speaking/e-mailing reps at ASUS say it is probably damage and will not honor warranty. I have had to ship it to them at my own cost to find out. More to come as to whether or not their warranty is any good!

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